15 funny facts about CHRISTMAS


15 funny facts about CHRISTMAS will be shown here.

Jingle bells,Christmas carols,exchanging gifts,sharing meals with family and friends,snowfall and lovely santa claus are all what comes in our mind thinking about worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon called christmas.X-mas is celebrated by christians as birth of jesus,whose teachings lead to the formation of their religion.

while the exact birth date of jesus christ is still unknown,historians claim its estimation between 7 and 2 B.C.because various aspects of christmas like gift giving etc. involve heightened economic activity , it has become a key sales period for businesses and retailers.

15 funny facts about CHRISTMAS

1.Christmas purchase in U.S.A  accounts for 1/6 of all retail sales.

2.In United States ,all letters addressed to santa claus are sent to Santa Claus,Indiana.

3.Large part of Sweden’s population watches Donald Duck every christmas eve since 1960.

4.Christmas is usually abbreviated as X-mas because of an ancient tradition.X in greek means “chi” which is an abbreviation for christ.



Bicycle a U.S playing card company manufacture special playing card in word war 2 that when it was soaked ,it revealed escape route for prisoner of wars and these cards were christmas present for prisoner of wars in Germany.

6.During Christmas people called mummers dress up in crude disguise and go from house to house playing and dancing while hosts identify them.

7.Paul Mccartney earns around half a million dollars every year with his Christmas song (which is regarded his worst song ever by critics )

8.One of the tradition of christmas eve is telling scary ghost stories (although it has died in past century) .

9.Until june 26,1870 christmas was not an official holiday in united states.

10.Santa Claus is not a fictitious character ,but it is based on a real person,st. Nicholas of Myra who lived in fourth century.Born in Patara,he is world’s most popular non-biblical saint and many great artists have portrayed him more than any other saint apart from  Mary .He is also patron saint of banking ,butchery ,thievery,orphans etc.

11. Germans used dyed goose feathers to make first artificial christmas tree .

12.Among Britishers ,Christmas dinner is eaten by wearing paper crown.

13.Reason that many Christmas carols and songs stress about the white Christmas is because  16th and 17th century were known as little ice ages where global temperature were several degree lesser than normal.

14. Song jingle bell was originally  called “one horse open sleigh” and was made for thanksgiving. it was written by James pierpont in 1857.

15. Santa Claus 8 reindeers are named :


  • Comet
  • Cupid
  • Dasher
  • Dancer
  • Prancer
  • Donner
  • Blitzen

These were 15 funny facts about CHRISTMAS .We hope you enjoyed reading this.


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