Ghost soldier Baba Harbhajan Singh wiki wikipedia details/Indian ghost soldier

Ghost soldier Baba Harbhajan Singh wiki wikipedia details/Indian ghost soldier interesting story will be shown.


This is a story about an Indian soldier late harbhajan singh who belonged to village Browndal ,district Kapurthala, Punjab.He was born in august 3,1946 and died on October 4,1968.Like every soldier of an army the uniform makes you look smart, brave and with a sense of proud in it. But you would be wondering that why this article is mentioning him as a ghost,so this is how the story begins.

Ghost soldier Baba Harbhajan Singh wiki wikipedia details/Indian ghost soldier

After Indo-China war, soldier Harbhajan Singh (Punjab regiment)was escorting a crowd of mules in remote areas of Sikkim.He accidentally got drown into a fast flowing stream and got lost in Nathula pass near Eastern Sikkim.he was searched continuously for three days by search party but all went in vein.

How his body was recovered ?

You would find it quite strange but the patrolling party was itself led by ghost of soldier Harbhajan singh and showed them the place where his body was lying.He came to his friend’s dream and guided him about the place and instructed him to make a shrine for his Samadh in hill and this is how he came to be known as the ghost soldier.But the story did not end yet.

Legends of the ghost soldier Baba Harbhajan Singh wiki wikipedia details/Indian ghost soldier :

It is believed that the ghost soldier Baba Harbhajan Singh remains still on duty and he would warn Indian and Chinese soldiers 3 days in advance prior to war.In the camp at Nathula pass ,everyday his shoes are polished and uniform is kept ready along with his bed because bed sheets are found crumpled every morning and his boots are found dirty every evening.would you believe that !!..

Interesting facts about Ghost Soldier Baba Harbhajan Singh :

  • Along with two months annual leave ,a first class berth in Indian railways is booked for him as on every 24th September his personal belongings are sent from nearest station to Jalpaiguri to his native village kuka, kapurthala,Punjab.
  • Ghost soldiers name still exists in army payrolls and he gets promotion and monthly cheques which are sent to his mother each month.
  • Interestingly his colleague in army days Mr. Pyara Singh has registered court case against Indian army and ministry of defence for continuing services for a soldier who died a long ago.
  • Indian soldiers present in the areas near Nathula pass still feel his presence while patrolling and being on duty.

Baba harbhajan singh memorial has been built in his memory which is maintained by Indian is situated on the high hills at an elevation of 4000mts on Nathu la-Jalep la road.



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