Hardik Patel wiki wikipedia,biography details|age,campaign,demand,politician,pics,news

Hardik Patel wiki wikipedia,biography details|age,campaign,demand,politician,pics,news

Hardik Patel is proving to be a sensation for Gujarat and entire India as the popularity he is getting merely at the age of 21 is simply mind blowing.Hardik may be recalled as the guy carrying gun on his shoulder and the one who is very good in his speech.This fame and support he is getting in his rally even seems unexpected because he belongs to the state of PM Narendra Modi who enjoys almost unconditional support from Gujarat.We will discuss more details about Hardik Patel in the upcoming article.

Basic Details :

Hardik is a 21 year old guy whose father is a small submersible businessman.Hardik basically hails from Viramgam near Ahmedabad.He studied from sahajadanand college.

Hardik Patel wiki

Hardik Patel wiki

Name                       :      Hardik Patel

Age                          :       21

Place                        :      Viramgam near Ahmedabad

Education                 :     Sahajadanand college

Political career          :     Member of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS)

Father’s occupation  :      Small Submersible business

Limelight and demand:

Hardik is in limelight because of his demand for Patel’s to be considered as socially and economically weaker section in the state.He is the face of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS).He conducted a huge rally on Tuesday (August 25th,2015).His main demand is to get reservation for patel’s in schools,colleges and jobs etc.This was all about Hardik Patel wiki wikipedia,biography details|age,campaign,demand,politician,pics,news.

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