India at Asian games 2014

About Asian games 2014

Asian games,2014  were held at incheon ,south korea from 19 september 2014 to 4 october,2014. A total of 45 nations participated in it with 439 events in 36  sports.Motto of the event was “diversity shines here.” games were officially opened by President Park geun hye.Medals awarded were pentagonal in shape representing five ports of incheon  -airport,seaport,teleport,leisure port,businessport.

India and South Korea submitted their formal bid on 2006 in Doha,qatar.Incheon (south korea) ,won the rights to organise the event whose main reason was India’s lack of enthusiasm to organise the event.

Games’ mascot :

Three spotted seal siblings “Barame” ,” chumuro” ,”vichuon” were the mascots of the game.barame means ‘wind‘ , chumuro means ‘dance‘ and vichuon means ‘light‘ in korean language. Mascot was chosen as symbolic of future peace between south korea and north korea.

History of Asian games :

First Asian games were held in Delhi,India in 1951.These games were organised by Asian games federation till 1978. After break up of asian games federation ,olympic council of asia has been organising it since 1982.Guru dutt sondhi , Indian International Olympic Committee representative came up with the idea of asian games meeting with sports representatives of other nations.

India at Asian games 2014

India finished its journey at 17th asian games,2014 with 8th rank.China topped the table with 151 golds whereas south korea and Japan finished with 2nd and 3rd spot respectively.Sardar singh was the flag bearer for India.India sent a team of 541 competitors in 28 sports.

India won a total of 57 medals with 11 gold,10 silver and 36 bronze.

Here is the list of india’s gold medalists.

  • jitu rai
  • rajat chauhan ,sandeep kumar,abhishek verma
  • saurav ghosal,mahesh mangaonkar,harinder pal sandhu,kush kumar.
  • yogeshwar dutt
  • seema punia
  • sania mirza ,saket myneni.
  • mary kom
  • men’s hockey team
  • priyanka pawar,tintu luka,mandeep kaur,M.R poovamma
  • women’s kabaddi team.
  • men’s kabaddi team.

 Achievements and controversies :

  • India won gold medal in hockey tournament after 16 years and got direct birth to 2016 summer olympics.
  • Men’s team kabaddi final ,India vs Iran was a delight to watch.although india maintained its title of champions once again but they got a serious competition from young Iran side.The nail biting match ended with 27-25 in India’s favour.

Although Asian games at incheon can be regarded as a successful event but it faced some controversies,one of which happened with indian woman boxer Sarita Devi. she had to suffer due to  wrong decision by judges in her bout which was quite in favour of Sarita Devi.She refused to accept the medal ,but later she apologised for her act.

(a total of 57 medals for a country of about 126 crore talented,passionate and high potential people seems just handful .with better equipments,facilities and sports programme etc. india can surely do great at the highest level).


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