Kajol Tyagi wiki wikipedia,bio,boyfriend,city,age,height

Kajol Tyagi wiki wikipedia,bio,boyfriend,city,age,height.If its about some competition between celebrities ,13 shortlisted contestants,Kajol Tyagi defintely makes her own position with her looks,charm.She is a youtuber,actor and a model.With the kind of personality kajol has,she would certainly fit Bigg Boss’ show requirement.This time Bigg boss has come up with a new theme and fresh faces which are non celebs will enjoy limelight.Idea was to register participants all over the country and people did that too.Many people registered themselves but a few got the opportunity to be the part of show.Their list will be displayed in the upcoming article.All the reasons for which you love to watch Bigg boss,back biting,romance,fights and much more is back.Just like all the seasons in which makers of the show,come with something new,same is expected with Bigg boss season 10 also.Kajol Tyagi is defintely going to be the one,who will add some extra spice to the popularity of the show.

Kajol Tyagi Profile :

Name                                  :                             Kajol Tyagi

Age                                      :                             23 years

Born                                   :                             24 december,1993

Facebook Page               :                              Kajol Tyagi

Profession                      :                              Model,actor,Youtuber


Images :


Kajol Tyagi wiki wikipedia,bio,boyfriend,city,age,height

Kajol Tyagi wiki wikipedia,bio,boyfriend,city,age,height


Interview :

Kajol desribes herself as “I’m a rebel. I can be an emotional fool and quite compassionate, but I’m also impatient and could kill people for making me wait for even a minute. I have dated a celebrity in the past and would never hesitate for a minute to challenge any celebrity I come across in the house.”This was all about Kajol Tyagi wiki wikipedia,bio,boyfriend,city,age,height.




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