Mandira Chauhan wiki wikipedia,bio,age,height,husband

Mandira Sirohi Chauhan aka Mandira Chauhan wiki wikipedia,bio,age,height,husband details.She is among the 13 shortlisted common contestants and will experience journey to Bigg Boss’ house.This time Bigg boss has come up with a new theme and fresh faces which are non celebs will enjoy limelight.Idea was to register participants all over the country and people did that too.Many people registered themselves but a few got the opportunity to be the part of show.All the reasons for which you love to watch Bigg boss,back biting,romance,fights and much more is back.Just like all the seasons in which makers of the show,come with something new,same is expected with Bigg boss season 10 also.

Mandira Chauhan Personal Profile :

Mandira Chauhan wiki wikipedia,bio,age,height,husband

Mandira Chauhan wiki wikipedia,bio,age,height,husband

Mandira belongs to Pune,Maharashtra.She was born on 30 september,1980.Mandira chauhan comes from an army background as her father as well as her husband are army men.This reflects in her personality and she bears no nonsense at all.

Interview :

To an interview ,Mandira said “I am an army man’s wife and an army man’s daughter. I can speak louder than anyone else in the room. She further said,” My upbringing has made me into a strong woman who does not filter her thoughts and speaks her mind on all issues.”This was all about Mandira Chauhan wiki wikipedia,bio,age,height,husband.

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