Mangalyan:Economical,Efficient and Elegant

mom newIndia reached on the pinnacle of glory on the day of  september,24  2014 as it’s first mars orbital mission (MOM) successfully completed its mission on was launched from india’s spaceport of sriharikota along the eastern coast some 100 km north of chennai on november 5,2013.

Along with this, the mission was  a blend of many other interesting events that happened.

  • Mangalyan mission cost us $75 million while the hollywood film gravity was made in $ 100 million.
  • India is the fourth country in this world to achieve so after usa,europe and russia.
  • India becomes first country in this world to achieve this in first attempt.

However,just after official announcement of beginning of this mission by the then prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in 2012 ,there were people who opposed it by saying that this expensive project should not be launched because of poverty,hunger and other domestic issues on ground and it would cost a lot to the country.

But now if you look at its budget ,it would cost only Rs. 4 to every indian which is quite lesser than even our bus ticket fare.

major challenges faced by Mangalyan.

The first one was the launch of MOM using PSLV-XL in November 2013; then the Trans-Mars Injection done in December 2013.Here the challenge was to give the required velocity in specific periods. Finally,  undertaking of the most critical task of Mars Orbit Insertion on Wednesday.

Objectives Of MOM 

  • study climate,geology,origin and evolution of MARS.
  • to study sustainability of life on the planet.


On this great achievement , P.M narendra modi,former P.M Manmohan singh and many other officials  congratulated ISRO.


        Prime Minister Narendra Modi witnessed the historic moment from ISRO’s centre. “MOM has met Mangal,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said announcing the mission’s success, after nerve-wracking final moments at the command centre of Indian Space Research Organisation.               – Shri Narendra Modi.
        “This event marks the culmination of a decade’s worth of hard work. It’s a glowing tribute to the ability of our scientists, and their unfailing efforts in making this mission a success,”               – Mr Manmohan Singh


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