Manmeet Alisher wiki wikipedia,bio,Brisbane bus driver

Manmeet Alisher wiki wikipedia,bio,Brisbane bus driver details.Manmeet Alisher was an Indian origin guy who was living in Australia and working as a Bus Driver.He belonged to Sangrur of Punjab,India.Manmeet was to return India this upcoming January.His parents had already finalised a girl for his marriage.

Meanwhile an unfortunate and a sad news came about him being attacked with acid.He was attacked with a device similar to Molotov Cocktail.He was set alive on fire with this.His brother Amit Alisher came to Australia to bring his body back.

Reason for the attack on Mamneet is expected to be racial one.However this is no Official statement about the reason of attack.Meanwhile a Cab Driver  Aguek Nyok showed bravery and managed to break glass of the bus.Managing to escape around 1000 people.

Describing the whole incident as Racial one,his family and relative member’s said “I am not in position to comment.


Manmeet Alisher wiki wikipedia,bio,Brisbane bus driver

The police says there was no apparent indication it was a race-related incident, but authorities are still not clearly saying why the man threw some inflammable liquid only on my brother and set him ablaze. Manmeet was killed mercilessly,” Sharma said.This was all about Manmeet Alisher wiki wikipedia,bio,Brisbane bus driver.

May his soul rest in peace.

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