Priyanka Kapoor wiki wikipedia,bio,suicide case

Priyanka Kapoor wiki wikipedia,bio,suicide case details.An aspiring Model and an owner of event management company,Priyanka Kapoor was found dead in her house at south Delhi’s defence colony.She hanged herself with her stole.Main culprit behind her suicide is her husband Nitin Chawla,who was arrested by police in charges of abusing her.Police has filed Section under IPC and dowry prohibition act.According to media reports,Nitin was facing financial issues and they used to fight over it.

Priyanka Kapoor personal details :

Priyanka Kapoor was mere 25 years old and a passionate woman.She got married to Nitin Chawla,who runs a pub in GK II market.She had met Nitin at his Pub.

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priyanka kapoor suicide case

This was all about Priyanka Kapoor wiki wikipedia,bio,suicide case.This is so unfortunate that even highly educated women are facing atrocities by their male counterparts in cases of dowry,physical harrasement.It becomes then even more difficult for uneducated and poor women to survive.RIP Priyanka Kapoor.

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