Ruslan Schedrin wiki wikipedia,bio,russian teen

Ruslan Schedrin wiki wikipedia,bio,russian teen boy details and Ekaterina Makarova wiki.Call him lucky or call this incident weird,but yes Russian School boy,Ruslan Schedrin has got the opportunity to spend one month in hotel with Ekaterina Makarova (adult star).He is a teenage Gamer from Russia and luckily was the 100,000th visitor of the Gaming website that sells gaming weapons and gears.

Ruslan Schedrin profile :

Ruslan schedrin is 16 years old school boy.He is a gaming freak.His mother’s name is Vera Schedrin.He got overnight popularity due to this online competition.

Ruslan Schedrin wiki wikipedia,bio,russian teen

Name                   :                    Ruslan Schedrin

Age                      :                    16 years

Popularity             :                    winner of online competition with Ekaterina

Reaction over this competiton :

Ruslan seems on cloud nine after winning this event.He seemed very curious about what he achieved !.But his parents don’t have the same views and his mother seems annoyed with this competition.(Anyhow Ruslan is a lucky boy,although his mother won’t be happy for Ruslan to be a spoiled brat.)

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