8 Simple ways to manage Stress.

Stress,anxiety and fear etc. are all what we have to deal with in this competitive world.But the effect of stress is not just limited to mental problems.Here is a list of some serious problems caused by stress.

  • heart diseases.
  • asthma
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • headaches
  • depression and anxiety
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Accelerated aging
  • Premature death.

prevention is better than cure.”  and  these consequences of stress can be managed to a great extent by following these simple steps.

1.Compare yourself with yourself only

To get  genuine pleasure in life,you should not compare you with others,but with yourself.even  then if you want to compare you with others,then compare with those who are less fortunate than you.

comparing us with how others are doing is dangerous because its outcome is generally more stress.comparisons breed insecurity ,yet we habitually make them between our colleagues,relatives,children,with children of our friends.this is the main reason we feel on the top of world one minute, and the next minute the inferiority complex sets in.

so to be stress free ,compare with your own potential.when you have the required maturity then compare with those above you.and at last keep your sights high not to increase your stress but to increase your self satisfaction and happiness.

2.Most stressful problems are due to absence of ideas:

Problems in our life cause stress and abnormal blood pressure.but among these problems one third problem are there because we are alive !. one third problems are created by ourselves and the rest one third occur because of our ego and greed.

by having a look at the proportion of problems we can easily judge that how much amount of problems exists in actual.

Here is a 3 step solution to your problems :

1. think : think about the better way to solve a problem .(like the crow jug story)

2.ask,ask.. :ask from yourself and others the better way to solve problems.

3.do it now : “it is the start that stops most people” .give a minute to think about this                          phrase. and well begin is half done . so keep on trying whether you                              succeed or not.but keep on trying.

3.Manufacture good thoughts only:

your thoughts become your words.

your words  become your actions.

your actions become your habits.

your habits become your character.

“as you sow , so shall you reap.” the above written lines can be supported by this english proverb. like in computer programming,output is just the outcome of input ,so is the case in our lives.

people at night while sleeping empty their pockets,so should be the case with our minds. all the jealousies,worries,resentments collected throughout the day must be emptied before going to sleep.this stops our mind from poisoning and reduces stress to great extent.

my physics teacher has a pet dialogue chardi kala (on the top of the world) , whenever i ask him,how are you ? and believe me i have never seen that guy stressed in daily routine or coaching time. lord krishna has said ,”do your job” and leave rest on his (almighty) hands.

happiness is harvest,stress is weed. and last key rule to happiness “learn to love what you do “

4.Change yourself before you change others:

Try to change people according to you and you will end up with nothing but stress.so it’s better and probably the best option to change yourself because if you move to find faults in others you will find that the person with most defects and faults is nobody but you.

5.Think time to reduce stress :

Time period when you are not actually active in your work like travelling,shaving,in between tasks etc. is think time.use this time not to use complaining,bitching etc. refresh your mind by thinking of solutions and always dare to try.

6.Anger management :

The emotion of anger is most commonly experienced by all of us.take a decision in state of anger and you have to regret this decision ,the entire life. match stick lit up the moment they are provided with friction as they have head but no brain. we humans have head and a brain too ,so we need not to lit up every moment we feel friction.

7.Do small ,small things greatly:

“fortunate is the one who has learned to admire”.we should admire all what we have got even if we do small things as everyone cannot be the greatest.”if a  litre can hold a litre of oil,that is wonderful”  .for example,expecting a child to stand always first and if this doesn’t happen you get  tense.work and expect according to your abillity and admire it.too much expectations cause permanent damage to the mind sets.

8.Make forgiveness your permanent attitude:

forgiveness is not an occasional act;it is a permanent attitude.forgiveness is happiness,but never expect gratitude and in case you get it,be pleasantly surprised.

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