Sunny Waghchaure wiki wikipedia,bio,Goldman,net worth

Goldman of India Sunny Waghchaure wiki wikipedia,bio,Goldman,net worth details.He is a trending personality on you tube because of his love for gold.Although there are many celebrities who are known for their love for gold like those of Bappi Lehri (famous Bollywood Singer and many more).You must have heard about Sheikh of middle east countries wearing too much gold and for their love of gold in their cars,phone and homes.Although it looks a bit bizarre,but we have our own Indian Goldman named Sunny Wangchure,who because of this enjoying good fame through youtube.

Sunny Waghchaure bio and net worth.

Sunny Waghchaure wiki wikipedia,bio,Goldman,net worth

Sunny Waghchaure hails from Pune.He is a rich man who has a great love for Gold.In his list of gold accessories he has a gold plated I-phone,big gold necklace,golden boot and a golden Audi car.He has two body guards for security of gold.He has good connection in Bollywood also as Vivek Oberio is a friend of him,he appeared on Kapil Sharma show also.

A watch on Youtube :

Have a look at goldman through this.This was all about Sunny Waghchaure wiki wikipedia,bio,Goldman,net worth.


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