Terrorist Qasim khan wiki details|age,interview,nationality,images

Terrorist Qasim khan wiki details|age,interview,nationality,images

A terrorist named Qasim khan has been caught alive during attack at Udhampur.He is being compared by Indian media with  Ajmal Qasab (terrorist caught and hanged for Mumbai terrorist attack).Qasim khan’s face matches to some extent with ajmal.Qasim came with 1 more terrorist who was killed.Later Qasim fled to a nearby village and tried to attack on a school but fortunately it was closed.But Qasim khan was caught due to bravery of villagers who managed to catch him despite being captured as hostage.One of the villager managed to get his gun while one villager caught his neck which left Qasim to plead them for letting him go.

Terrorist Qasim khan wiki details|age,interview,nationality,images

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Qasim khan basic details :

Qasim khan is young guy in his twenties and he belongs to Pakistan.His family details have been recovered by Indian interrogative agencies.

Name              :      Qasim khan

Age                  :      around 22

Nationality       :       Pakistan

Caught             :      caught  alive during when he attacked in Udhampur


Bravery of the villagers have proved that people of a national at their level must be aware,conscious and supportive to counter terrorism.Its not only the duty of armed forces but need support of common people also.This was all about Terrorist Qasim khan wiki details|age,interview,nationality,images.



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